Domiciliary care

We want to support you to maintain your chosen lifestyle.

We believe that each client is unique with their own individual preferences and needs, so we keep you in control and provide you with the domiciliary care and support you want, where and when you want it. It’s your life and your homecare, so it must be your way.

Our flexible domiciliary care services are able to provide anything from a check-in visit to help with travel arrangements or domestic tasks. We can offer short term help (following an illness or because your usual carer is having a break) or longer term homecare and support.

Our dedicated team of carers are fully trained to:
At Focus on Care, we understand that sometimes family members are unable to visit their loved ones as much as they would like and that it can help just knowing there is a friendly, caring companion who visits regularly. Companion care is one of our most requested services. When one of our Focus on Care carers provides companionship, they become a trusted friend who can keep you or your loved one socially engaged in their own home. They can also accompany them on visits with friends, family, and to other social events so that they never have to feel alone.
After a recent career change to community care it has given me the chance to give something back. I enjoy the chance to help daily and feel satisfied in what I do.
Staff - Nikki