Drug/alcohol misuse

Our drug/alcohol misuse daily living support provides a safe and supportive environment to help people recover from the physical, psychological and emotional effects of addiction.
Having structure and stability is a preventive measure against relapse. Sometimes, those who struggle with addiction can also have trouble functioning in their daily life and may need additional support with daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning their home, managing their finances, or taking medication. In addition to caring for your own basic needs, a daily routine might include preparing for the day, going to work, volunteering, and attending meetings or clubs.

We believe that recovery from addiction is about reconnecting with the world and relationships, but also rediscovering and understanding yourself, and working through what is troubling you underneath. Support from our experienced and compassionate carers enables you to achieve this by providing a support network that encourages you to develop independent living skills and practice them within the safety and comfort of your own home.

Our expert carers understand that each person we support has their own unique needs, requirements and commitments. Familiar with the overarching guiding principles for addiction treatment and rehabilitation, we can provide individualised support that reinforces the skills developed via treatment or therapy programmes.
Management looks after us carers very well and we are all a team.
Staff - Ann