Mental health

Focus on Care believes that every individual who uses Mental Health services has the right to receive safe, sound and supportive rehabilitation provision.
All service users are actively involved in contributing to their assessment and formulating their care plan. Our intention is that, by increasing the range of choices service users make, they will be able to:
Our highly skilled, dedicated team of staff provide support in a variety of identified ways and are committed to promoting the independence and sustaining social contact for each and every service user.
Social Inclusion
We are passion about ensuring our clients feel valued and have a recognised importance within their communities.

Focus on Care’s innovative approaches and best practice help clients with feelings of self-esteem, improved relationships and network groups aiding integration amongst their local communities.
I am more than happy with the overall quality of Focus on Care, they are very attentive and very caring, and make any problems known to us so that we can act on it promptly (medical wise).
Client of Focus on Care